Top 10 Places to Travel in 2019

Stepping into 2019 and thinking which places you could go touring to have the best experience? Here is a list of the top ten places you could visit this year that will give you the perfect reason to make it all happen.


2019 is the most auspicious time to be visiting Berlin, Germany. The 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall of Berlin, which reunited the country this year will spark the flames of celebration that you can’t just miss! Experience the historic culture of Berlin as it unfolds right in front of your very eyes this year.


Brisbane, Australia just opened its gates to luxury tourism midway through 2018 with the grand opening of the W Brisbane. A lot of luxuries and spectacular views of scenic nature await new tourism as Brisbane spreads its wings to welcome explorative minds. Needless to mention, the region is famous for its displays of fine art exhibitions scattered across the region. As the birds perch on top of roofs, you can also see the expansive view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Armenia is amongst the top ten picks of the best places recommended for tourists in 2019. Just last year Armenia elected a more lenient government which has allowed tourism to bloom in this mostly unexplored yet beautiful region. Be amongst the first to discover what Armenia has to offer by trekking along the breathtaking landscapes on foot for an ultimate experience.


Cambodia might sound like an already visited location except for last year December. With the opening of the Shinta Mani Wild, Luxury within the depths of South Cardamom National Park attracts exclusive new tourisms. Explore the wildlife as you’re sheltered under luxury tents or relaxing in a natural spa. For those tourists that require intense rush of adrenaline, there is a 1247-foot zip line to experience an abrupt jolt of happiness.


The elegant and clad in rich history, Egypt, in 2019 opens its newest 36 storied towers, St Regis Cairo for luxury-seeking tourists. The tower provides a birds-eye view to Old Cairo and the Nile while providing its vacationers with stewards and tour guides to get you the best Egypt has to offer. Everything it has to offer makes it a place we recommend you don’t want to miss out in 2019.

Elqui Valley, Chile is one of our strongly recommended picks for this year and here is why. If you’re a fan of natural phenomenon and once in a lifetime experiences, to witness a total solar eclipse in the International Dark Sky Sanctuary will be a sight you wouldn’t want to miss later in June this year.

The Florida Keys, upon its recovery from the recent natural disaster, has made its way into being a perfect tourist spot. Upon checking into its luxurious hotels, namely Bakers Clay Resort and Bungalows Key Largo along with Isla Bella beach resort, it makes this place an ideal location to let go off all your worries and simply relax.

2019 will be a historic year to visit the Grand Canyon as it will be the 100th anniversary of the opening of Grand Canyon and its park. Tourists will be given a treat of special celebrations as well as access to the much less explored areas.

The Grenadines recently revamped its tourism making this year the best time to experience the natural beauty of The Caribbean. It will be open and explorable in all its raw grandeur for the first time in 60 years.

The Andaman Islands depths usually closed off to visitors in 2019, opens up its first-ever five-star resort to accommodate vacationers in aesthetically designed huts based on the Jarawa tribe. Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the luxury.


Gym Home Flooring Options

For use as home gym flooring, there is a wide variety of floor covering options available and often times selecting out the right solution can seem like a difficult assignment. Carpet, rubber flooring, foam flooring, and vinyl tiles are the four most popular flooring options for use in the home gym or exercise room.  

Carpet Tiles

In America, carpet is the most favored floor covering option. Carpet is an excellent home gym flooring solution as it provides multi-purpose purpose, low-priced material, comfy on the body especially to the feet, and requires simple cleaning and maintenance.

The best for use in areas where exercise takes place is the low pile carpet. It is typically a little more prickly to the touch. Compared to fluffy shag or even soft Berber style carpets often found in homes, low pile carpet is often much more durable. For home gyms due to its tight-knit loops, the commercial grade carpet also works very well.  

The interlocking carpet tiles is another form of carpet often used for exercise flooring.  Even by the average person as a DIY project, these tiles interlock can be easily installed.

Rubber Flooring

Available in a wide range of thickness and color options, you can buy rubber flooring in rolls or tiles. Even for a homeowner with no prior installation experience, rubber can be easily installed. If you don’t feel like doing this by yourself, you can contact Handyman Services.

Perhaps the most durable shock absorbing flooring option available in the market is rubber flooring. You can also see rubber flooring used in ice skating rinks where skaters walk on it with their ice skates (with blades) on their feet. For its durability, there is no need to replace the floor for a decade or more.

Foam Flooring

Foam flooring in the market is usually sold in interlocking tiles and mats. Commonly referred to as softtiles, foam tiles, or puzzle lock tiles for these foam tiles. They can be easily installed by a homeowner. Foam flooring can be purchased in different color hues and in many thicknesses options.

Vinyl Tiles

Manufacturers originally produced interlocking vinyl tiles for use as a garage floor tile. However, it caused them to become more of a multi-use floor tile over the years from their natural flexibility and durability.


DIY Toilet Seat Replacement

Pro or not, installing a new toilet seat is an easy work to do. All you need to do is set the seat in place and pull tight the nuts. But what’s tedious is the process of removing the old seat. Most of the time, it’s hard to unscrew the nuts because the bolts that fasten the seat are so corroded. To give you a better solution, here’s a tip:

Check out the bolts that are fixed on the seat. Lucky you if the bolts or nuts are plastic as they can’t corrode and will easily come off. To expose the bolt’s head, pry open the cover behind the seat. While you hold the nut underneath with the pliers unscrew the bolt with pliers or a screwdriver.

Use your drill, drill bit collection, and safety glasses if lubricant won’t free the nut. Drill into the bolt where it meets the nut using a 1/16-in. bit. About 1/4 in. should be drilled into the bolt. Next step, expand the hole using a 1/8-in. Bit, then by a 3/16-in. bit. After which, attempt for the socket wrench again. To break off the bolt as you turn the nut is your goal now and not to unscrew the nut. Keep expanding the hole if the bolt won’t break. To break it eventually, you’ll exhaust the bolt enough.

You may be able to unscrew the nuts with pliers if the bolts are metal. The best device for this piece of work is a socket wrench equipped with a deep-well socket. It requires a 1/2-in. socket for most toilet seats. It fits over the long bolt and grips the nut tightly for the deep socket. All you have to do is turn the nut counterclockwise as most metal bolts aren’t covered by a flip-open cover. Just twist as hard as you can. You might break it off if the bolt is brass or badly corroded steel, which is okay.

Saturate it with a penetrating spray lubricant like WD-40 if the nut won’t dislodge. To catch the over-spray, hold a rag behind the nut. To penetrate, give the lubricant 15 minutes, then do it again.

Home Construction: Skylight

Why use Skylight? There’s a ton of reasons why having skylight at home is beneficial. Here are some:

Having a skylight at home can reduce the consumption of energy. It can help lessen use of electricity and reduce heating bills by the lessened reliance on artificial lighting.

The formation of molds and mildews at home will also reduce. It is often associated with bacterial and fungal buildup in damp areas like basements and bathrooms for most diseases, especially chronic respiratory problems. Natural lighting thru the aid of having a skylight at home can clearly reduce the formation of harmful organisms. One of the best naturally occurring disinfectant is the sunlight itself.

Having skylight will give the body a healthy dose of vitamin D. It can hinder vitamin D and B1 deficiencies that may result in diseases like beriberi and rickets with ample amounts of sunlight.

Skylight has the ability to elevate visual appeal to interiors. In interior design, natural illumination is still the topmost type of lighting system being worked on. It isn’t an easy task to work on with and installing a skylight, however, it is a rewarding task to victoriously integrate natural light into a structure or at home. Accenting natural light at home will give better aesthetics, finer crispness of space, finer color, and architectural details are well-featured.

Skylight at Home: Ideal for Health

Aside from being free and available, natural sunlight enhances the mood. Natural sunlight protects humans from seasonal mood changes and it uplifts us to produce vitamin D.

When the home has poor lighting, this may cause eye fatigue and headaches, which can result in a feeling of being depressed or sick.

It can prompt depression and even have a negative outcome on humans immune system when there is insufficient natural lighting.

The dim illumination quiets our senses and can make us feel drowsy which is why it’s ideal for the bedroom are while bright lighting stimulates the mind and this is better for task illumination and ideal on our kitchen and working area.

The natural lighting can actually invigorate to recover fast like after falling from illness or after operations.

Sunlight can also lead to reducing stress and a variety of other health benefits as it aid in helping lower blood pressure.

Mirror Essentials


It can provide the whole area a brand new life by putting the right mirror on the wall. Since mirrors will only reflect what’s in forefront of them, choose the wall with care. The reflection from the mirror becomes a part of your room.

The shape, size, and style are the three most essential things to consider when choosing mirrors.

Mirror’s Perfect Shape

The shape of the mirror portrays an essential part in refining any space. With the correct shape of the mirror, it will provide a soothing mood, highlight what is already present in the room, or give a definite trick of something else.

  • It will help provide an orderly restrained look for an angular shape mirror like a square or rectangle.
  • For a softer or even fanciful look, depending on the style of its frame, utilize a rounded or curved frame mirror. As it aids sweep your eye along a long line, a long horizontal shape mirror will assist to accentuate width. As it makes your eye travel above, a tall vertical shape mirror will call notice to height.
  • Just the way you would do with framed photographs or framed art, you can even create a shape by arranging several mirrors together.

Mirror’s Size

It can influence the impact you want to create with the size of your mirror.

Whether you prefer the mirror to be an accent, center of attention or act as the background of the room, this is how the selection of size should also be based.

  • Select one that is extra large so that its function then becomes to make your space appear larger if you want your mirror to become part of the background. This is ideal for condo homes.
  • It will look lost and insignificant for a single small mirror on a large wall. Appropriate size for the wall is a must when selecting a mirror
  • Make sure it is big enough to stand out, but also establish the mirror by selecting a frame that makes it even more noticeable if you prefer your mirror to be​ center of attention in your room.

Mirror’s Style

You can create great personal influence by choosing a style that is unexpected and for that reason function as an accent as mirrors can personify the style you already have in your room. The mirror’s frame plays an even greater role in establishing style while the shape and size of a mirror matter.

  • It is often more suitable for a casual or modern interior for a frame with simple lines or unusual materials.
  • For a country vibe room, or even in an eclectic room, the quirky frame treatments and distressed looks work best.
  • It is often best used in a more classic or cultural inspired setting but can be used for contrast in a more modern one for an ornate, carved or gilt frame mirror.




Granite Kitchen Sink

A granite kitchen sink provides a fabulous look in the kitchen area. The granite sinks are crafted in enough styles to be sure of fitting into the kitchen design you’re developing and the material is available in a pleasurable range of hues.

It’s worth knowing before choosing whether to purchase one as there are both advantage and disadvantage.

Granite Sink Appearance

If you really want a fabulous kitchen, using this material can exceed all the other factors as there’s itsy-bitsy to compare with the look of a granite kitchen sink. However, this material won’t easily get blended with all kinds of kitchen décor but it can be used according to one’s preferred style and adornment.

The Weight of the Material

Weight is the most important consideration with a granite sink. Granite needs additional support because it is a very heavy material, far heavier than most sinks. Whether it’s a reinforced countertop or additional support underneath, there is a need for a room to provide this, and the equipment. It can also affect the cost of installing the granite sink. In most cases, a professional should be the one installing the granite kitchen sink in order to be sure it’s done properly.

Cleaning Essentials

When cleaning granite, it’s important to only use a mild abrasive, or it can end up with scratches. A granite kitchen sink needs special cleaning process compared to the ordinary and traditional type of sink.

There is a need to use a special granite cleaner on it once the sink becomes stained. You’ll need to bring in a professional to remove the scratches if you do scratch the granite.

Cost of Material

Granite material itself is costly. However, a granite kitchen sink is an investment rather than just a functional tool for its durability. It will surely last a long a time compared to other sink materials.

Sealing Process

Granite kitchen sink can be porous. To protect and maintain the material, there is a need for a regular sealing process. On top of the price of the sink, sealing process is additional work and expense for the homeowner. If this process is neglected, then the material will wear out and get damaged in the long run.


How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Tired of looking at your small space? Why not make it look bigger?  There are so many ways to make your space look bigger but the execution is a challenge.

First of all, a mere decluttering is one best solution. Proper arrangement of things in your space will surely make you breathe better. Redecorating is another solution. Another option to make your space look bigger is the effect of the flooring. Having the right type of flooring will give a big difference to a small space.

If you’ve decided to modify your small space by just focusing on the flooring, here are some useful tips:

●    Pick Darker Shade over Lighter Shade of Wood

It will make your space look bigger if matched with the right wall color for dark colored wood floors. It will make your small space look amazing with a dark, larger plank wood flooring. Make sure you choose a cool color for painting the walls, ceiling, trims, and moldings as cool colors hues recede and warm colors advance. It will make any room expand before your eyes with the right combination of dark and cool colors.

●    Use planks Over Stripe Flooring

By choosing planks, it visually expands your space extensively. To make the plank look extensive like going on nonstop, select the longest wall in your room and run the material in parallel position.

●    Keep it Steady

In every space in your home, avoid installing a different type of flooring. All throughout your home, since you have a small space, it’s recommended to use the same type of flooring material and design. It will give an illusion of having more space as this will create a harmonious look that joins one room into another.

●    Oversized Tile is Better

Selecting flooring tiles that are bigger than the 300mm size which is the standard, it increases the appearance of more floor space. To enhance visual space, use a minimal amount of grout and rectified edges during installation.

●    Diagonal Flooring Installation

It will make the room look bigger by laying the flooring diagonally across your room. For hardwood, stone, tiles or laminate material best suits this ruling.

You can easily trick the vision with a few flooring schemes that make a room look bigger since you may not be able to increase the size of a small space.