How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Tired of looking at your small space? Why not make it look bigger?  There are so many ways to make your space look bigger but the execution is a challenge.

First of all, a mere decluttering is one best solution. Proper arrangement of things in your space will surely make you breathe better. Redecorating is another solution. Another option to make your space look bigger is the effect of the flooring. Having the right type of flooring will give a big difference to a small space.

If you’ve decided to modify your small space by just focusing on the flooring, here are some useful tips:

●    Pick Darker Shade over Lighter Shade of Wood

It will make your space look bigger if matched with the right wall color for dark colored wood floors. It will make your small space look amazing with a dark, larger plank wood flooring. Make sure you choose a cool color for painting the walls, ceiling, trims, and moldings as cool colors hues recede and warm colors advance. It will make any room expand before your eyes with the right combination of dark and cool colors.

●    Use planks Over Stripe Flooring

By choosing planks, it visually expands your space extensively. To make the plank look extensive like going on nonstop, select the longest wall in your room and run the material in parallel position.

●    Keep it Steady

In every space in your home, avoid installing a different type of flooring. All throughout your home, since you have a small space, it’s recommended to use the same type of flooring material and design. It will give an illusion of having more space as this will create a harmonious look that joins one room into another.

●    Oversized Tile is Better

Selecting flooring tiles that are bigger than the 300mm size which is the standard, it increases the appearance of more floor space. To enhance visual space, use a minimal amount of grout and rectified edges during installation.

●    Diagonal Flooring Installation

It will make the room look bigger by laying the flooring diagonally across your room. For hardwood, stone, tiles or laminate material best suits this ruling.

You can easily trick the vision with a few flooring schemes that make a room look bigger since you may not be able to increase the size of a small space.