Granite Kitchen Sink

A granite kitchen sink provides a fabulous look in the kitchen area. The granite sinks are crafted in enough styles to be sure of fitting into the kitchen design you’re developing and the material is available in a pleasurable range of hues.

It’s worth knowing before choosing whether to purchase one as there are both advantage and disadvantage.

Granite Sink Appearance

If you really want a fabulous kitchen, using this material can exceed all the other factors as there’s itsy-bitsy to compare with the look of a granite kitchen sink. However, this material won’t easily get blended with all kinds of kitchen décor but it can be used according to one’s preferred style and adornment.

The Weight of the Material

Weight is the most important consideration with a granite sink. Granite needs additional support because it is a very heavy material, far heavier than most sinks. Whether it’s a reinforced countertop or additional support underneath, there is a need for a room to provide this, and the equipment. It can also affect the cost of installing the granite sink. In most cases, a professional should be the one installing the granite kitchen sink in order to be sure it’s done properly.

Cleaning Essentials

When cleaning granite, it’s important to only use a mild abrasive, or it can end up with scratches. A granite kitchen sink needs special cleaning process compared to the ordinary and traditional type of sink.

There is a need to use a special granite cleaner on it once the sink becomes stained. You’ll need to bring in a professional to remove the scratches if you do scratch the granite.

Cost of Material

Granite material itself is costly. However, a granite kitchen sink is an investment rather than just a functional tool for its durability. It will surely last a long a time compared to other sink materials.

Sealing Process

Granite kitchen sink can be porous. To protect and maintain the material, there is a need for a regular sealing process. On top of the price of the sink, sealing process is additional work and expense for the homeowner. If this process is neglected, then the material will wear out and get damaged in the long run.