Mirror Essentials


It can provide the whole area a brand new life by putting the right mirror on the wall. Since mirrors will only reflect what’s in forefront of them, choose the wall with care. The reflection from the mirror becomes a part of your room.

The shape, size, and style are the three most essential things to consider when choosing mirrors.

Mirror’s Perfect Shape

The shape of the mirror portrays an essential part in refining any space. With the correct shape of the mirror, it will provide a soothing mood, highlight what is already present in the room, or give a definite trick of something else.

  • It will help provide an orderly restrained look for an angular shape mirror like a square or rectangle.
  • For a softer or even fanciful look, depending on the style of its frame, utilize a rounded or curved frame mirror. As it aids sweep your eye along a long line, a long horizontal shape mirror will assist to accentuate width. As it makes your eye travel above, a tall vertical shape mirror will call notice to height.
  • Just the way you would do with framed photographs or framed art, you can even create a shape by arranging several mirrors together.

Mirror’s Size

It can influence the impact you want to create with the size of your mirror.

Whether you prefer the mirror to be an accent, center of attention or act as the background of the room, this is how the selection of size should also be based.

  • Select one that is extra large so that its function then becomes to make your space appear larger if you want your mirror to become part of the background. This is ideal for condo homes.
  • It will look lost and insignificant for a single small mirror on a large wall. Appropriate size for the wall is a must when selecting a mirror
  • Make sure it is big enough to stand out, but also establish the mirror by selecting a frame that makes it even more noticeable if you prefer your mirror to be​ center of attention in your room.

Mirror’s Style

You can create great personal influence by choosing a style that is unexpected and for that reason function as an accent as mirrors can personify the style you already have in your room. The mirror’s frame plays an even greater role in establishing style while the shape and size of a mirror matter.

  • It is often more suitable for a casual or modern interior for a frame with simple lines or unusual materials.
  • For a country vibe room, or even in an eclectic room, the quirky frame treatments and distressed looks work best.
  • It is often best used in a more classic or cultural inspired setting but can be used for contrast in a more modern one for an ornate, carved or gilt frame mirror.