Top 10 Places to Travel in 2019

Stepping into 2019 and thinking which places you could go touring to have the best experience? Here is a list of the top ten places you could visit this year that will give you the perfect reason to make it all happen.


2019 is the most auspicious time to be visiting Berlin, Germany. The 30th anniversary of the fall of the wall of Berlin, which reunited the country this year will spark the flames of celebration that you can’t just miss! Experience the historic culture of Berlin as it unfolds right in front of your very eyes this year.


Brisbane, Australia just opened its gates to luxury tourism midway through 2018 with the grand opening of the W Brisbane. A lot of luxuries and spectacular views of scenic nature await new tourism as Brisbane spreads its wings to welcome explorative minds. Needless to mention, the region is famous for its displays of fine art exhibitions scattered across the region. As the birds perch on top of roofs, you can also see the expansive view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Armenia is amongst the top ten picks of the best places recommended for tourists in 2019. Just last year Armenia elected a more lenient government which has allowed tourism to bloom in this mostly unexplored yet beautiful region. Be amongst the first to discover what Armenia has to offer by trekking along the breathtaking landscapes on foot for an ultimate experience.


Cambodia might sound like an already visited location except for last year December. With the opening of the Shinta Mani Wild, Luxury within the depths of South Cardamom National Park attracts exclusive new tourisms. Explore the wildlife as you’re sheltered under luxury tents or relaxing in a natural spa. For those tourists that require intense rush of adrenaline, there is a 1247-foot zip line to experience an abrupt jolt of happiness.


The elegant and clad in rich history, Egypt, in 2019 opens its newest 36 storied towers, St Regis Cairo for luxury-seeking tourists. The tower provides a birds-eye view to Old Cairo and the Nile while providing its vacationers with stewards and tour guides to get you the best Egypt has to offer. Everything it has to offer makes it a place we recommend you don’t want to miss out in 2019.

Elqui Valley, Chile is one of our strongly recommended picks for this year and here is why. If you’re a fan of natural phenomenon and once in a lifetime experiences, to witness a total solar eclipse in the International Dark Sky Sanctuary will be a sight you wouldn’t want to miss later in June this year.

The Florida Keys, upon its recovery from the recent natural disaster, has made its way into being a perfect tourist spot. Upon checking into its luxurious hotels, namely Bakers Clay Resort and Bungalows Key Largo along with Isla Bella beach resort, it makes this place an ideal location to let go off all your worries and simply relax.

2019 will be a historic year to visit the Grand Canyon as it will be the 100th anniversary of the opening of Grand Canyon and its park. Tourists will be given a treat of special celebrations as well as access to the much less explored areas.

The Grenadines recently revamped its tourism making this year the best time to experience the natural beauty of The Caribbean. It will be open and explorable in all its raw grandeur for the first time in 60 years.

The Andaman Islands depths usually closed off to visitors in 2019, opens up its first-ever five-star resort to accommodate vacationers in aesthetically designed huts based on the Jarawa tribe. Take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the luxury.